"He is conscientious as well as dependable"....

Mike Barone, General Manager of Brook-wood Management Co. Long Island New York

".....Darrell has a keen sense of his surroundings and is low key. His demeanor adjusts accordingly to any situation. I was often in crowed venues as a V.I.P. patron where crowds were loud and tempers were volatile. Darrel's professional background and training insured there was never any time I had to be concerned that any situation would be handled appropriately. His character and judgment are also beyond reproach. Once I moved out of state, I flew Darrell in for specific events and employed him to this day as scheduling allows.

I would highly recommend Darrell for the most sensitive of situations where discretion and good are a requirement. My standards are stringent and my expectations leave no room for error."

Shawn Morrison, CEO Morrison Associates, Charlotte N.C.

"I have been using Above Call Security for over a year now and I would definitely recommend this company to others. Their services are outstanding."

Donald Lee, Major Fuel Corp. Transportation Supervisor, Ronkonkoma N.Y.
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